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Evercraft Sale!

The price of Evercraft (normally $29.99) has been reduced to $19.99 for a limited time! Price includes a license for 1 computer and 3 months of access.

To purchase:

If you already have an account, login to My Account to purchase.

If you do not have an account, sign up, then login to "My Account".

Evercraft 7 Released!

Finally, after nearly a year in development, the next version of Evercraft has been released and is available for purchase and download. To check it out, make sure you have an account on our website and then head on over to the Evercraft Download and Installation post in our forums. If you don't already have one, you can create an account for free.

For users with Evercraft 5 licenses, you can visit the "My Account" section of the site and click the button at the top to convert your EC5 licenses to EC7 licenses - FREE OF CHARGE!

Evercraft 7 is the latest in a series of top notch EQ2 crafting automation tools. Evercraft has been alive and kicking since 2005 and has been purchased by over 12,000 customers. For the past year I've been working on completely re-writing the program and the entire framework it's built upon from the ground up. Using the latest in technology offered by the .Net Framework 4.0 and WPF, Evercraft 7 has set the new standard in what users should expect from a crafting automation tool.

Start your free trial today!

1) Create a free account

2) Download Evercraft

3) Check "Use Trial" when you login

It's that simple!

Need Help?

Account issues? Contact Us

Evercraft trouble?

1) Login to the forums

2) Post in the Evercraft Help Desk

I am very excited about this product and expect it to impress even the harshest of critics. It is founded on the idea of simplicity and has the goal of being painless to set up and get going crafting the items you need to level up/earn money/earn points for your guild - whatever you use it for - with the least headache possible.

Please visit the links above to get started!

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So what is this site all about?  The name Macrocrafter is often misinterpretted to mean "macro that crafts."  While this interpretation works for our current flagship product Evercraft, it is not entirely correct.  I'd like to take a moment to clarify the meaning, as well as our purpose.

Macrocrafters are what we are, not what we make.  More to the point - we create software that is intended to assist our customers with mundane, repetitive, and/or boring tasks in MMOGs that are sometimes necessary for the advancement and further enjoyment of their characters.  For the first year and a half of our existence, I playfully used the slogan "Pure Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Prevention."  I didn't realize how TRUE it was.  Some of our most appreciative customers are those with disabilities or elderly folks suffering from ailments such as arthritis or real CTS - which is no laughing matter.  These customers would literally be unable to participate in certain aspects of the games they enjoy without the assistance of our products.


If you're looking for a product to assist you with tradeskilling / crafting in EverQuest II, you've come to the right place.  We are pretty sure that Evercraft is the most popular crafting macro for EQ2 in existence - with over 4000 customers to date, it's hard to argue.  Last time I checked, that was around 1% of EverQuest 2's entire subscriber base.

With the launch of this new site, we released the next version in the Evercraft product line - Evercraft 5.0.  Re-written from the ground up to be more stable, more reliable, more user friendly, and more accurate than ever before, and with a feature list that made most of our existing customers drool, it's sure to please :).  For a feature list, trial version download, and some screenshots, visit our Products page.

Other Info

In addition to Evercraft, we're currently in the process of developing other products for EverQuest II and other upcoming MMOGs that have not yet been released.  Stay tuned for more information.

As always, a few things you can expect from us with ANY of our products is outstanding customer service, technical support, and continuous attention to YOUR details to make sure the product YOU purchased works for YOU.  We have a very active, friendly, and helpful support staff to assist you with whatever you need, as well as a user friendly trouble ticket system built right into the forums to make it easy for you to get the help you need.  And if the normal avenues of assistance don't work, I can't count the number of times I've provided telephone support to assist customers with getting setup and running.

Have a look around - if you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the "Contact Us" link in the main menu to the left.

Thanks, and enjoy your stay!